Steve, here. 


Fly fisherman: check. Fly tyer: check. Hiker: eh, unofficially. Cyclist: I bike to work, if that counts. (Didn't think so.) Runner: I prefer to take my time. Climber: of stiles. Camper: anytime. Road-tripper: definitely. Globe-trotter: in. Sailor: in my mind, always. Canoer: check. Kayaker: I'd rather the canoe. Float tuber: I'd rather not. Hunter: for records, sure. 

Short story writer: check. Playwright: check. Singer-songwriter: work in progress, more progress on the second part. Musician: wouldn't go that far. Copywriter: and brand strategist, yeah; but hey, gotta pay for fishing gear somehow. Photographer: I take pictures... Poet: not by a long shot. 


I prefer noodlely rods (and guitars, actually); cotton and wool shirts; a trusty brim hat (mine’s saved me from grave injury more times than I can recount); a lanyard over a vest; metal fly boxes; maps you unfold over ones you scroll; burnt coffee, simple beer and rye whiskey.

Photo by: Tania

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